Smart People, Bad Choices

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Smart People, Bad Choices

I know I shouldn’t be surprised anymore but I am STILL surprised when I meet people that are much educated, and yet they have fallen for buying a puppy from a puppy mill. They have even fallen hook, line and sinker for the all the lies of the seller.

I recently met someone that had purchased a puppy from a so called “breeder” That had no less than 5 different breeds on his property, plus some small moppy mixed breeds (this is usually a big tip off they are just breeding dogs to make money not actually trying to better a particular breed) a good breeder should be trying to breed a better puppy than either of its parents! The buyer said she didn’t like the way the puppies were being kept, they were all shut up in a dark box full of feces. The dog’s diets were also poor quality. Puppies especially need the most nutritional diets as they are being weaned and growing so rapidly.

The buyer was given a choice to have the puppies ears cropped! The puppies were now a month old and this operation is banned in Kenya. I saw the vet card provided.  The vets stamp had a name I did not recognize. It’s entirely possible the person is a vet that I am unaware of, but I am suspicious as the new rules clearly state the vet has to stamp, sign and provide their Kenya Vet Board number either by hand or it should be included in the stamp.  This card had no number in the stamp or handwritten and no signature, just a stamp in an unusual format.

The icing on the cake was when the woman told me that her puppy’s Mother was really crazy and even vicious. They bought the puppy anyway!

I do wonder what they will end up with in the future, but I suspect it will be lots of health problems and an unstable temperament.

Please don’t buy a puppy if you are not happy with the temperament of the parents, the way the dogs are being fed, condition of ALL dogs on the premises.

If anything seems fishy, don’t buy a puppy. The can give you some guidance on finding a pedigree dog if a pedigree is what you want. The    always has nice dogs looking for homes. The adoption fee is about 6,000 ksh for a dog that is up to date on vaccinations and usually spayed or neutered. They recently have had many dogs coming in that like look purebreeds.  Why not adopt instead of shop!



Her stitches have been removed; she is out daily taking walks on a leash and looking at the world, meeting other cats and dogs! She is ready to go to a home, she has started to balk at going back to the kennels, so that’s clearly a sign she should be going to a home. With the help of some generous people, I have managed to clear her vet bill except for the last 1,700 ksh, so that’s a big relief! She is spayed, all vaccinations up to date, dewormed and has been treated for Erhlichia. She will finish the course of antibiotics by the end of this month.

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