EDUCATION, Presentations available on the following topics:
Dog Bite Prevention, suitable for schools, children’s groups, children’s homes. Children are taught to observe the dog’s facial expressions to read if they are friendly or not, they are taught a posture that uses the dogs own body language to tell the dog to go away and not bother them. We use a series of flash cards featuring the same dog both happy, approachable and the same dog nervous and looking like it may bite. We play a game for the kids to practice the position and also some role play. We demonstrate the polite way to greet and pet a dog. You may request a dog to be present or it can be done without an actual dog.

Calming Signals, This course can include a DVD of approximately 50 minutes by Turid Rugaas. Dogs talk to one another and to humans who learn how to read canine posture, facial expressions and movement. They use specific signals in stressful situations they encounter with other dogs-and humans! Learn what your dog is communicating.

Dogs 101 for Staff , this is two hour course that has been presented at the U.S. and Canadian Embassies and a dog is brought in for demonstration. This course address’ pet care in the home, emergencies, how to put on the various types of collars, harness’ and head halters. The staff are taught how to make an emergency muzzle out of household items, how to give medication, safe seating for a pet in the car, bathing and grooming. Housetraining (for new puppies) A binder of information is given to the staff as reference material as well as a certificate of completion.

A visit with The Doglady Would your civic group, school or friends like to hear about my experiences with dogs? I have been surprised, amused, brought to tears and laughed out loud over the years by my experiences with animals and most especially dogs. My heart has been truly touched by dogs I have known and worked with.

Request an article for publication in your newsletter, magazine or website. If you would like me to write an article for your publication, please send me an email with the topic and the deadline clearly stated.

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