For cats and dogs
Cats are trapped in humane traps, transported to vets and neutered (sterilized so they may NOT produce kittens) while under the anesthetic for the surgery they also eartipped (they take a bit of the top of the cats left ear off leaving one ear just slightly straight instead of pointed) so the cats that have been neutered can be identified at a distance and we know those cats have already been caught. The cats are also given a rabies vaccination.
The same program applies to dogs, however dogs must be staying in a safe location with someone to give them some food and keep them out of harms way. We would easily consider dogs that hang around at schools, near eating establishments and construction sites.
The TNR program is just about to kick off with a fundraiser for the purchase of traps and some printing of brochures in English/Kiswahili to help people understand the point of the program. There are some follows up to do such as setting up a feeding station and monitoring the cats.
If you just take all the cats out of an area, new cats will come in and start to breed there. The idea is to have a stable population of feral or semi feral cats that have been neutered and also given the rabies vaccination so the cats that stay are known and vaccinated.
If you have a cat problem and want us to help, you must be prepared to feed the cats for at least a week at the same time of day to lure the cats to the trapping area and to help us determine the number of cats in an area to be caught neutered and eartipped. You should be prepared to fundraise to help defray the cost of the operation. We can give you some easy suggestions to and a list of costs for vaccinations spay/neuter.

Keep checking back for detail of the event and how you can attend, help or donate!

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