Puppies must be under 5 months to start this class.

Puppies must have at least ONE parvo vaccination and be current on tick / flea preventative and be current on deworming to attend class. Class is held on a “clean” piece of land so it must be kept that way!

Classes focus on Tellington Touch, Body handling, Socialization, Leave it, Give and Take, Wait and the beginning of leash walking. We also do exercises designed to give your puppy confidence, so this is a perfect class for a shy rescue puppy as well.

Class starts with everyone sitting on the ground and calming our puppies with Tellington Touch and body handling. This is also the time for discussion of puppy problems and how to handle them. Then we move on to a new skill for the week. We give the puppies a break to play off leash in the fenced arena and figure out dog language among themselves. We put the puppies back to work for the last few minutes of class to practice their new skill or work on some new confidence building equipment.

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