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Ring Craft (show handling)



This lighthearted, fun video is a laypersons explanation of how positive reinforcement works. The video is a humorous example of how it can be used to train people! When Karen Pryor wrote the original version of Don’t Shoot the Dog, everyone took it to be about dog training and she became famous for dog training, when in fact, the first edition was geared more towards coaching and training people!

I use this method with my clients, too. I try to “catch’ them getting things right and mention it, oftentimes in front of others in a class setting and I will see the correct parts being repeated. Enjoy the video!

My training is positive and playful with emphasis on teaching good manners so that your pup will become part of your family and not just for security. I give you the knowledge to continue to teach your own dog/s. I can also work with your staff to ensure they can handle your pup in a polite, consistent way.

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  • When we added Ash to our family, things didn't quite work out as we had hoped. We feared we had forever ruined the peaceful dynamics of our previous three dogs as well as of our house.

    Our dog Mango was reacting negatively by howling, whining, barking and outrightly biting Ash when he managed to get free. We feared he would kill her!
    The situation made our other two dogs fight. Everything was chaotic and very stressful.
    Having interacted with Amy before, we decided to give her a shout and see if she can perhaps guide us on integrating Ash with Mango. We attended a session at her location and she patiently guided us on how to let the dogs be in each others presence without it leading to aggression. She also explained to use Mangos behaviour which really helped when we came back home and used her training.
    She also let us know that we as the dogs owners could also contribute to the stresses the dogs were under!
    In under a week, we were successful! Mango and Ash are now best of friends. They spend almost all day playing and chasing each other in the compound.
    We are very relieved and beyond happy that all our dogs are now seeing each other as part of one pack!
    Thank you so much, Amy. We couldn't have done it without you!
  • Amy is a knowledgeable, skilled and inventive trainer. She has been helping us preventing and managing our dog's territorial behaviour and removing a lot of stress from our lives. She's helped us socialising him with our househelp and they are now best friends! She's taught us how to avoid critical situations in which he might misbehave as well as obedience commands. We're still working together but we've seen tremendous progress so far. We've understood that training a dog requires dedication and patience, as well as listening and trusting Amy, and the outcome is a happier dog and happier ownersg

  • "Dear Amy, I wanted to write to you how good Jackie is doing. It is amazing, how she walks. When she sees a monkey, while being on leash, no move, no sound. She just watches intensively. Your advice, and work plus our gardners daily practice while we were away during COVID has been so worth it"

    Caroline Adopted Kenyan Shepherd Dog, Jackie
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