How to Move with Pets


This is not intended to be all encompassing shipping information; it’s just a place to start getting some guidance to get the process started. The destination country, the airline and the shipper will all factor into the different requirements.

Rabies Vaccination and micro chipping

If you are due to leave in the next couple months, start with your vet. Your pet must have had a rabies vaccination in the last 1 year before shipping (even if your pet arrived on a 3 year rabies jab and you have only been here 2 years!) Your pet must be microchipped and have a current rabies jab. Those are both two very easy things to check off your departure list earlier than later. The destination for your pet will determine the other requirements. So, talk to your vet as soon as you know you may be leaving. Some countries require a titer test that must be done on a time line before your pet is allowed to ship. If the pets antibodies against rabies are not sufficiently high enough they may have to be revaccinated and wait for several months then be retested before being allowed to ship. The Kenya Vet Board is now recommending a second rabies vaccination for dogs around 6 months of age if they have only had 1 rabies vaccination at 14-16 weeks. Please check with your vet if your dog is under a year and has had only the  one rabies jab and you are due to leave before your dog has had a one year booster. Better to sort it out now than have to delay your dog’s trip by several months!

Crates If your dog is large Labrador sized or bigger, there are not very many crates to be had in that size. Several options are; checking with the airline that will be flying your pet, they will sometimes sell crates if you are flying your pet with their airline. They can bring them in from Europe for cheaper than a business reselling them can bring in for import. Anicare in Sarit Center sells crates of all sizes, as does Dr Cockar in Rossyln Lone Tree and AquaPets sell some in their shop. Check the notice boards at your vet’s office, sometimes people will post a flyer there if they are selling a no longer needed crate. Check with the as they sometimes have flyers for crates for sale. Be careful that the crate you get and intend to use is IATA approved as every so often they change their standards and a crate that is several years old may no longer be allowed. Rules change all the time, so best to check early. Some airlines are no longer allowing crates with clip closures, they must have the screw type fastening and some airlines have recently stopped flying all Mastiff breeds.

Crates size and measuring. Check the airline website you are flying your pet with. Some of the websites have a crate calculator that gives detailed instructions on measuring your pet, x the pets weight to get the correct size crate.  It is imperative that the airline/shipper approves your crate!  It’s not just that you think the dog has plenty of room. I always suggest that you make an appointment and take both the dog and the crate to the airport and get it preapproved. Make sure you get and record the names and phone number of the person that has approved your crate. (and make sure they have the authority to do so)

I always suggest that you take a current photo of your pet both in and out of your crate, and photograph all their records (vet book, micropchip number, shipping/travel documents) and assorted paperwork to have in your phone or ipad that you will have on your person while traveling. There have been cases of the paperwork getting separated from the top of the pets crate. If you have the info on you, it could really cut down on time and stress for both you and your pet. I also put a contact phone number on the paperwork (and crate) for both ends of the pets trip so that if you are on the plane and your pet doesn’t get  boarded for some reason they can contact someone. This phone number should be for someone that could reasonably get to the airport and pick up your pet for safekeeping for 24 hours or until everything can get sorted out. Big airports in Europe or the US could handle this, but if you are flying through less equipped airports better to be safe than sorry.

Over the years here I have had many, many people use the services of shippers listed below with very good results, so if you don’t have someone already lined up, ring those listed below and see who best meets your pet’s needs.

David Uvoo 0722 446 010
Troy Peters 0723 898 705

Dr Anita Stanley Mills, BVM 0722 732 547 or 0722 833 277 of Yoani Yappaville
Her boarding facility can also board, do export paperwork and vetting as well as the actual transport to the airport and check in for pets if your pet must be boarded before leaving the country.

SDV/Transami Bollore,  Sue West 0733 601 949
Last I knew they would ship your pets IF they were doing your household removals too.

Best of luck to all those leaving with their pets, It is a stressful time just with moving, let alone factoring in the pets!!

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