If you decide to buy a purebred dog, what are some signs of a good breeder?


A good breeder will allow you to see all of the puppies, (even if some of them are already spoken for) and one or more of the parents. Both the parents and puppies should be clean, and in good condition. Take note of any other dogs in the compound as well, they should all look healthy!

The area where the dogs are kept should be open to you as well. It should be clean, and well lit. If a breeder wants to bring a single puppy to you at a petrol station or shopping mall, (ostensibly to save you along drive) beware!

The breeder should have vet records for the parents and the puppies. This should include vaccination records, de worming dates etc. (The vaccination record booklet should now have a vets stamp with his/her name and Kenya Vet Board number on it)  They should have the Official Registration papers for pup’s parents, showing they are properly registered with East African Kennel Club, and the pedigree (family tree).  The breeder should be willing to help you get the proper paperwork and fill it in, and submit it for your pup to be properly registered. The breeder may not charge you extra for registering the puppies or the transfer from the breeder to the new owner. That is covered when the litter has been registered with the East Africa Kennel Club. The breeder should also have a “new puppy information pack” to give you that includes indicating how the pups should be fed after they are weaned and are ready to go to their new homes, and dates of follow up vet care required. (Vaccinations and deworming) as well as other useful information.

The breeder should ask you questions about your dog experience, how you will raise, train and socialize the pup. It should feel like an interview. A good breeder is not out to just sell puppies but to improve the breed, educate people and ensure their pups get good homes!

And last, if you know of a dog being left behind and looking for a home, please contact me directly. I keep a list of dogs looking for homes and try informally to help find good homes for them.


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