Operation Brown Eyes, Part 2

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We left off last week with the little brown dog being trapped less than 20 minutes after the trap was set. This was after me feeding her periodically and trying and failing to catch her for nearly a year.

KSPCA came for the trap at the same time I showed up to transfer her to a crate and transport her to the vets. They helped me to load her up, they took their trap and off we went to the vets. I arrived right before they opened again for PM clinic hours and that was great timing. We could close the clinic gates and I got in the car and closed the door to be able to get a collar and leash on her. If she got loose, we would never get her again at that point. She would not walk on the leash, so I had to muzzle her and carry her in. We got her on the table and waited for the vet to come in. Yikes, she was crawling with ticks and fleas.

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