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Do NOT buy any pets from the roadside! Puppies purchased at the side of the road sometimes live for only a few days. There have been cases of people buying puppies and finding out later they have exposed their families to various dangerous diseases including RABIES.( Rabies is ALWAYS fatal if left untreated and can be spread via saIiva from an infected mammal and open wound, it does not have to be an actual bite) . It’s also illegal to buy wild life (turtles, birds) as all wildlife belong to the government of Kenya.

These days the puppy sellers/puppy millers/puppy farmers are going high tech making it easier to fool you! Instead of standing on the side of the road selling puppies they have slick websites and FB pages. Look carefully at the websites and see the conditions of the dogs. I recently saw someone try to sell a small mixed breed puppy for 25,000 KES. The puppy was pictured on the website standing in a rubbish pile, eating from said rubbish pile! The website was slick and many of the photos used on the website to advertise their various grooming and boarding services were slick, but probably copied from the internet. The same breeder has been warned by the EAKC (East Africa Kennel Club) against using photos of EAKC show winning dogs on his website that doesn’t own but infers that they are his dogs or dogs he is breeding from! When dealing with a breeder or a potential breeder, get their names, kennel affix names and call the EAKC and find out if their puppies are registered dogs or if they are members in good standing in the EAKC. Don’t buy dogs from them even if they are registered, if the dogs are in poor condition. Dogs kept locked in boxes as puppies are notoriously hard to housetrain. Unsocialized, abused dogs can turn out to be unreliable family dogs in the long run.

If you work at an NGO or Embassy, check the bulletin boards for families leaving behind pets. Look on the bulletin boards at vets offices, check the school boards and websites, too.  If you have small children, you might even find a dog that has lived with similar aged children. (If you have small children, the dog’s temperament should be considered over the preference for a certain breed)


East African Kennel Club

0734 650 213  or 020 209 2319  Hours Mon-Fri 10:00-2:30

They also have FB groups for;

Labrador Retriever Club of East Africa

German Shepherd Dog League


KSPCA, Langata Road

020 243 0318 or 020 240 4837  Hours Mon-Fri 9-4 and Saturday 9-1


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