The East Africa Kennel Club Microchipping service and data base


The Kennel Club ordered microchips and two readers. There is always 1 reader in the office and the other can be checked out by a member in good standing for use as puppies upcountry are chipped or to verify identity of dogs where necessary. The Kennel Club is now well positioned to help combat the dog theft that seem to be on the increase. You may register ANY microchipped pet in the EAKC database, non pedigree dogs and even cats! Ring the East Africa Kennel Club 0734 650 213 or 020 209 2319 they will make an appointment for you to bring your dog to the Kennel Club and have your dog chipped by one of the vets. The fee for microchipping is 3,500 per dog for a non member or 2,500 for a member of the East Africa Kennel Club. If you bring in multiple dogs discounts apply. (Even if you round up a group of friends or neighbors to get to the discounted number.)
The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is given like an injection under the loose skin of the neck with a large gauge syringe. Most dogs (even puppies ) don’t make a sound when the microchip is inserted. The chips contain a unique number that will come up in the screen of a reader when it is above the chip. If your chip is recorded in a data base with your information, then you can be contacted when your pet is found. Currently, if your pet is brought into the country with a microchip it does not allow for tracing if you don’t register it with the EAKC. Also, if you have your pet microchipped by a vet they do not automatically send your info to the EAKC resulting in your pet not being registered in the database. In the near future, information kits will be sent out to the vets so they can add new microchips to the database, but for the time being please ASK if the vet is able to add the number to the EAKC database.
The EAKC will add your pet to the data base for a small fee should be up and running. Contact the Data Base Manager at

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