How to get a City Council Dog License


The City Council Dog License is a legal requirement for all dogs over 6 months of age. They are required to be current on their rabies vaccination. In most cases a rabies vaccination is given around 14 -16 weeks, so right after that’s been done, it’s best to get the license sorted out so you don’t forget and get hassled over it.  They dog must be registered by City Council receive a tag and pay the license fee of 1000 KSH. City Council Askari’s DO make the rounds to check dog licenses. The City Council has the right of entry. They used to actually confiscate dogs leaving you to track them down, pay the fine and get them released. They have even been known to enter diplomatic housing compounds. In the past they have confiscated dogs from a Security Company, too. There were 6 more dogs than City Council License receipts, so City Council asked the company to pick out the least kali 6 dogs to confiscate! Your vet, and the East Africa Kennel Club can get the licenses issued for you, sometime the service bureaus like Langata Link will do it for a small service fee. You must bring along the fee, 1000 KES plus their service fee and most importantly the vaccination booklet showing your dog is current on their rabies vaccination. Some Embassies will send in paperwork for dog licenses and collect them for you. If you have a driver or don’t mind a little drive, going to the Pangani Dog pound to get your own license is one of the easiest things I have ever done in Kenya, totally hassle free and took about ten minutes for two dog licenses. It was also not depressing in any way as the dog pound was completely clean and empty during the times I have visited! City Council issues a receipt, and a metal tag. I do not keep the tag on my dog, as the edges are very sharp, and if the tag is lost the dog must be re-registered and a new fee paid. Some people attached the tag to their leash, so if they take the dogs out for a walk the tag is with them. I have found the best way to comply is to make a single page photocopy of the dogs vet record showing vaccinations and dates, the receipt for the registration fee, and also the tag itself. This one page photocopy is posted in the Askari booth in a plastic sheet protector. All staff are instructed to hand this document over the gate for inspection by Council Askari and if they want to see originals they can make an appointment. This seems to work, as they have looked at the photocopies without comment at least twice in the last year!!



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