Date(s) - 06/04/2024 - 04/05/2024
9:00 am - 10:00 am

Ridgeways - Paa Ya Paa Lane


New Saturday Class,  Teenage Times, Terrible or Terrific?

Ridgeways, Saturdays       9:00-10:00 AM   

CLASS Dates: APRIL 6 th 13th  20th  27th and  MAY 4th


Teenage Times, Help for You and Your Adolescent Dog

“If puppyhood is the honeymoon, what the hell is adolescence? ” Nancy Tanner

“Attention is the Mother of All Behaviors” Puppy Culture

Adolescence starts to come on during the 5-7 month window. This depends on the genetic lines of your dog and the size of the breed of your dog. Generally speaking, the smaller the dog, the earlier for adolescence, and the larger the dog a bit later. This stage can last a year or slightly more.


The class will focus on;

A quick refresher on foundation behaviors, plus Stay, Loose Leash Walking, neutrality around other dogs, Calm greetings with humans and dogs, focus on handler with varying degrees of distraction, and pattern games. (plus moral support from others struggling with the same things )

Class size for dogs is limited to 12 dogs. Course fees are 20,000

Sign up online, once your course fees are received via Mpesa 0725 365 692 your place will be confirmed.

An email confirming your place will ping back to the email you signed up with.

Looking forward to teaching a new and useful class!



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Kindly send your registration amount to 0725 365 692 to confirm your booking. Kindly send us your dog's name, all attendees names and a WhatsApp number that we can use to share classwork in the comments section below. Thank you.
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