I offer to post the photos and descriptions of your dog to be rehomed on my website and forward the flyers to dog friendly places where I have had many dogs find great homes. Last year I personally rehomed more than 30 dogs into loving homes. I always have a list of people looking for dogs that are a fit into their families and lifestyles. I do this for free and privately to help the dogs and to keep them from being dumped at KSPCA and taking up space there. This I do by matchmaking the right dogs to the right people. It’s your responsibility to vet the potential new owners, meet them, their family, and their other pets and decide if it’s the best home for your dog. I do not sell dogs or take commission on finding dogs. If I found your dog a home or found you the perfect dog and you appreciate my work, you may make a small donation to my Mpesa line 0725 365 692 to help defray the cost of buying printer cartridges for all the color flyers I print and post, and also the petrol to put them up and take them down when your dog has been rehomed. I also spent a lot of airtime talking to people trying to make good matches.

You must fill out the info below completely so that I may find the best possible match for your dog. I highly recommend that your dog be spayed or neutered before you rehome it as these days many people want a dog to become a puppy factory, and intact dogs are often stolen from homes.

The photos you post should clearly indicate the dogs size by posing it beside a car or another object that people can compare to. If your dog is a good companion to your children, you may include the children in the photo if you are comfortable with that. The photo should clearly show what your dog looks like; ie markings, color, pretty face etc. Remember that cute photos in costumes or in the water or a car don’t let people see what the dog looks like

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