Date(s) - 10/03/2023 - 14/04/2023
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Ridgeways - Paa Ya Paa Lane


Foundation Behavior Class       Class size limited to 7 dogs

Ridgeways Fridays,     3:00 PM– 4 PM

Class Dates March 10th,17th, 24th , 31st,

April 14th   (April 7th is a public  holiday no class)


All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations and current on tick/flea protection and deworming.

Your place is confirmed when course fees are received via Mpesa (0725 365 692)

TOTAL COST:  Ksh 20,000 for the 5-class series





Class size limited to 7 dogs

This is a great “stepping stone” class for younger dogs (over 5 months of age) that have previously attended Puppy Manners and Socialization classes and now want to take a class to proof these behaviors around other dogs and distractions. This is also a great class for those that want to start to train their dogs but have not done any training yet. This class would be great for working on problem behaviors that would require these foundation behaviors to be taught and mastered before you start work on the actual problem.


Look  (redirects your dog to make eye contact with you instead of watching other dogs or some other distraction. Instead of repeating a cue over and over, ie sit, sit, sit, sit. You ask for a conditioned look, once your dog looks at you, you have his attention then you can ask for that sit, recall or other cue)

Touch (Single most useful cue, especially for young dogs, redirect your dog back to your hand. This cue can be used for stopping undesirable behavior like a puppy chewing your furniture, harassing your toddler, running along the fence to bark at the neighbor’s dog, if your puppy gets overwhelmed or frozen on a walk, you may ask for a touch to start them moving again and not drag them along with their collar/harness)

Mat  (this a is a great way to reinforce your dog for choosing to lie on his mat, meaning you can eat family dinner without being harassed for food, watch a movie, read stories to children etc.  If you travel with your dog , once the mat goes down they have a place they associate with good things and they like to be there. This is also great for dogs that suffer from impulse control.  It can work to give your dog a choice to think and choose the mat instead of reacting to another dog, harassing the other dog in your house etc.) This is a really useful skill, we call it slow thinking. I also use it for letting a dog choose a good thing like the mat instead of reacting at other dogs. It’s basically teaching your dog impulse control.

Loose Leash Walking we will reinforce your dog being able to walk on your left on a loose leash and able to use look cue at you while walking. We will also introduce the Swap cue, meaning your dog will automatically change sides from left to right and back to left on this cue. This is super useful for avoiding other dogs, a pram, and nervous people while on a walk. I like this cue for walking in a more urban environment with your dog at some point.


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