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Ring Craft (show handling)



This lighthearted, fun video is a laypersons explanation of how positive reinforcement works. The video is a humorous example of how it can be used to train people! When Karen Pryor wrote the original version of Don’t Shoot the Dog, everyone took it to be about dog training and she became famous for dog training, when in fact, the first edition was geared more towards coaching and training people!

I use this method with my clients, too. I try to “catch’ them getting things right and mention it, oftentimes in front of others in a class setting and I will see the correct parts being repeated. Enjoy the video!

My training is positive and playful with emphasis on teaching good manners so that your pup will become part of your family and not just for security. I give you the knowledge to continue to teach your own dog/s. I can also work with your staff to ensure they can handle your pup in a polite, consistent way.


Introduction to Clicker Training.

Clicker Training is a powerful tool. The clicker can be considered a neural stimulus; that is, in the beginning, the noise itself has no meaning, conveys no message, and conjures no emotions or feelings. It means absolutely nothing. Your dog is taught (conditioned) that something wonderful (to him) will always follow the sound of the click. The clicker also communicates to your dog exactly what behavior you are marking. Another important point is that the clicker always sounds exactly the same every time you use it.

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