In blog, Dogs to be Rehomed

Dog’s Name: Elsi

Age: 11

Sex: Female

Reproduction: Spayed (Female, surgically altered so not able to have puppies)

Current Vet: Shifaz

Vet Number: 0725 711896

Vet Location: Village Market, Nairobi- next to the roof parking

Next Vaccination: June/July 2017

Dog’s Breed: Mixed, short-haired, (amongst a bit of Jack Russell)

Dog’s Size: 19 kg

Dog’s livelihood: Excellent with children and adults, very kind and loving. Elsi let people and children come close. She loves hugs and is very social. Beside being social she is very friendly and patient. Also a “therapy” dog for children who originally are scared of dogs. She is patient, obedient and fun. Can not get along with other animals

Dog’s relationship: Doesn’t get along with any other dogs

Dog’s night: Outside, but suitable as both inside and outside dog

Rehoming reason: Our family is moving to the Netherlands and sadly cannot take her. She grew up in Kenya and therefore is not suitable for the Dutch environment.

From: Miranda Huizinga <huizingamiranda@hotmail.com>

Owner Number: 0719581384


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