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Dog’s Name: Bella

Age: 14 weeks

Sex: Female

Reproduction: Intact (able to reproduce, applies to both M and F)

Current Vet: M.S Vasani KVB No.514

Vet Number: 0733767***

Vet Location: Upper hill

Next Vaccination: 21/9/2016

Dog’s Breed: Maltese -Terrier

Dog’s Size: Approximately 2 kg

Dog’s livelihood: Bella lives with myself and my two children .She is playful loyal charming and very fiesty I noticed she is very territorial and protective.

Dog’s relationship: She hasn’t mingled much. I have only had her for a month or so….

Dog’s night: Currently she sleeps indoors with my daughter to feel safe and secure she needs attention and lots of love and care.She loves company.

Rehoming reason: So I kept her when she was neglected by her owner I convinced him to sell her to me so that I could then find her a good loving  home

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