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Dog’s Name: Amani

Age: 3 years (Approximate)

Sex: Male

Reproduction: Neutered (Male, surgically altered so not able to produce puppies)

Current Vet: Cocker

Vet Number: 0733666*** (will be provided)

Vet Location: Rosslyn Lone Tree, Limuru Road

Next Vaccination: Due now – will get done this week

Dog’s Breed: German Shepherd

Dog’s Size: 35kgs

Dog’s livelihood: Family of 6.  4 children, 2 adults plus many other people who come and go.  He gets along with all people, all ages.  He is especially great with kids.  I don’t know about other animals.  He does chase birds in the yard.

Dog’s relationship: No, He seems to have a problem with other dogs.  He barks and acts aggressive but I have never gotten him close to another dog to really find out

Dog’s night: He is fine inside or outside.  He prefers inside but does not complain if he is left out all night.  He is easy with that.

Rehoming reason: We are unable to give the dog the time and attention that he requires or deserves.

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